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Half Marathon Nightmares

I had a terrible dream last night that involved me being VERY late for a half marathon. In my dream, my parents were in town visiting and we were at their hotel. For some reason, on the morning of the marathon they had to leave so I had to figure out where I was going to park for the marathon. I had to transfer stuff from their car to my car and all of my running gear got mixed up. It’s about a half hour before the marathon starts and there are people EVERYWHERE and I’m digging through my car to find my arm band, my RoadID, my watch, iPod and Vibrams. All of a sudden the race has already started and I’m still digging through my stuff.

I think I have everything and I sprint up to the starting line to pick up my bib and when I get to the start I’m told that the bibs are around the corner and I have to go back where I came from to get it. When I finally find it, there are only three bibs left and I pick up mine. I put it on while I run back to the starting line and I put on my arm band and my watch. When I get to the start, it’s an absolute circus. Now that all of the runners have cleared out people are walking back and forth across the course and there is literally a parade going on. I have to try and run through a marching band and I am sprinting. There is a 3 hour time limit for this half marathon and since I started late I’m worried that I won’t be able to finish. I do remember thinking how good it felt to be sprinting. I must have sprinted in my dream for a mile or two and it felt so good to be moving so quickly (if only it felt that good in real life!).

Once I clear the crowd I go to switch on my iPod and realize that I grabbed my old mp3 player and not my iPod. I don’t have the half marathon playlist I created and instead have a strange compilation of music I listened to in high school. And speaking of high school, all of a sudden some of my classmates and rollerblading around me and then I have roller blades on too. The course includes stairs, and I find myself having to roller blade down a large set of metal stairs, and I end up being really good at it! While everyone else is stumbling and tripping over themselves, I’m gliding down the staircase with ease.

And then the dream ends. Let’s hope this doesn’t actually happen on race day!