Vibram FiveFingers Gear Guide

This is the Gear Guide from the Trailblazer website, with some of my own thoughts added in red.

Vibrams have become a huge part of my life, as I now run in nothing else (unless I’m going totally barefoot). If you’re just starting out in Vibrams, take your time! It takes time to get your body used to running in something other than sneakers. Check out my blog post about transitioning from running in sneakers to Vibrams.

Model Description

Vibram FiveFingers Komodo Sport

Vibram FiveFingers Komodo Sport The FiveFingers KomodoSport combines the best parts of the KSO and adds a friction-reducing footbed which makes the shoe even more comfortable. It’s created to feel like you’re not wearing shoes at all, with a heel and instep hook-and-loop closures that help secure it to your foot. The KomodoSport is great for all kinds of activities.

Vibram FiveFingers Bikila LS

Vibram FiveFingers LS For anyone who has ever felt that their Vibrams never fit quite right, now you’ll get more of a custom fit with the Bikila LS, which is the first Vibram to include laces. It has the same basic design of the Bikila, but has an upper made from Coconut Active Carbon for a more breathable shoe.

Vibram FiveFingers Jaya

Vibram FiveFingers Jaya The Jaya is one of the lightest and most conforming Vibram out there. It has a stretch nylon upper and padded collar which secure around your foot while you move. The Jaya is great for indoor and outdoor activities.

Vibram FiveFingers Classic

Vibram FiveFingers Classic The Classic is minimalist, compared to some of the other Vibram models out there. They are easy to slip on and off and the stretch nylon fabric fits low on your foot.

These were my first pair of Vibrams, and while I don’t use them for running anymore, they’re perfect for traveling, errands or anything else where you just want to be comfortable! They slip on and off easily and are super comfy.

Vibram FiveFingers Sprint

FiveFingers Sprint The Sprint is a long-time favorite for its lightweight versatility and open design. A thin, stretch polyamide fabric upper follows the contour of the foot for comfort, and an adjustable hook-and-loop closure across the instep and around the heel provides a personalized, secure fit. The flexible, non-marking 3.5mm Vibram® TC1 performance rubber sole is razor-siped to enhance flexibility and grip on a variety of terrain.

Vibram FiveFingers KSO

Vibram FiveFingers KSO Voted “Most Popular” for its versatility, the KSO remains among our most popular styles for its unbeatable comfort and versatility. It features a thin, abrasion-resistant stretch polyamide and breathable mesh upper that wraps your entire forefoot to “Keep Stuff Out.” A single hook-and-loop closure helps secure the fit. The non-marking 3.5mm Vibram® TC1 performance rubber outsole is razor-siped for enhanced flexibility and a sure grip on wet or dry surfaces.

Vibram FiveFingers Bikila

Vibram FiveFingers Bikila A breakthrough in running shoe design, Bikila is unlike any other running shoe on the market. The Bikila is the first FiveFingers model designed specifically to promote a more natural, healthier and more efficient forefoot strike. While many folks have been running in their Vibram FiveFingers for years, the Bikila® is our first model created exclusively for a more natural running experience.These are the shoes I’m currently using for running, and I absolutely love them. They are incredibly comfortable, lightweight  and perfect for running. I also love that mine are bright orange and pink, can’t miss them!

Vibram FiveFingers Treksport

Vibram FiveFingers Treksport The FiveFingers TrekSport optimizes your outdoor performance. Building on the success and versatility of the KSO and KSO Trek, it’s designed with rugged, high-performance materials to help maximize your outdoor experience. The TrekSport features abrasion-resistant Coconut Active Carbon in the upper for natural breathability, 4mm EVA in the midsole for plating protection, along with a lightly cleated 4mm Vibram® performance rubber outsole for extra traction on a variety of terrain.These were my second pair of Vibrams, and I used them for running before getting the Bikilas. They’re a little heavier than the Bikilas, which makes a difference to me when running longer distances. I use these more for everyday use meeting clients and for walks/hikes.

Vibram FiveFingers Performa Jane

Vibram FiveFingers Performa Jane With the Performa Jane, you get all the same barefooting benefits as the original Performa, plus a strap that provides an even more secure fit during active use. The kangaroo leather upper is soft against your bare foot, yet strong and tear resistant, with outstanding breathability. A seven-part Vibram® rubber sole delivers maximum feel and flexibility without sacrificing slip resistance. The Performa Jane was designed primarily for indoor use during fitness training, yoga and Pilates, and is not designed for outdoor activities like trekking, running or water sports.

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